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The Services must not be used by you or anybody else in any improper way. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree that you will do whatever reasonably possible to avoid or prevent any use of the Services for any harmful, fraudulent, unlawful or immoral purpose.
For the duration of your contract with us you must at no times act in a way which might damage the reputation of Callyandi GmbH, the Services or any legal body associated with any of them.
For the duration of your contract with us you must further permanently comply with and observe all applicable laws, regulations and codes as well as directions and instructions which we may issue on occasions in relation to the Services.
If you act disaccording to this clause 9 or any other clause in these Customer Terms and Conditions while using the Services or doing anything related to this, we reserve the right to terminate fulfiment of the Services purchased by you immediately. In case we choose to do so, no refund or compensation will be provided.
You will not claim or acquire any title or other proprietary right to any intellectual property, including any patents, know-how, registered or unregistered trademarks, domain names, design rights or copyright, relating to the Services.
Moreover, you must not cause or knowingly permit anything to be done which may in any way damage or endanger any such intellectual property.
You warrant that without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to us under these Customer Terms and Conditions or at law, you shall fully indemnify us for all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and breach by you of these Customer Terms and Conditions.
Neither you nor we will at any time disclose any information which we obtain about the other in conjunction with the provision / use of the Services, except for:
any information which our professional advisors need to accomplish their professional services; or
any information which is already publicly know or accessible; or
any information which we need to disclose by law or to comply with any requirement of any governmental, official or regulatory entity.
cases statet in the Privacy Policy.
Both you and we will comply with the applicable data protection rules in force in Switzerland.
We only collect, store and process the data required to fulfil our contractual obligations, to handle and maintain customer relations, to ensure operational reliability of the company and our infrastructure and the optimization of products and services as well as for billing purposes.
You take note and explicitly accept that we, in connection with the conclusion and performance of the contract, have the following authority:
− request information concerning you;
− pass on information collected about you in the context of the present contractual relationship to third parties, in Switzerland and abroad, concerned with the performance of the contractual relationship;
− pass on data to the providers as well as the credit card companies, banks and any further companies issuing means of payment if they are indicated by the you, insofar as this is absolutely indispensable for the provision of such services and billing purposes.
We reserve the right to terminate your access to the Services immediately without providing a reason if :
we are unable to keep the service available due to any reason given by a third party,
any licence we need to operate the Service is revoked, terminated or modified;
new licence requirements are being imposed, under which no licence is granted to us or then in such a way that we are no longer able to make the Services available.
No rights that have accrued to you or us under the contract about your access to the Services shall be affected by its cancelling.
Those terms and conditions of the contract that can by their nature survive it, will by no means be affected by the contracts termination.